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Pilot Conference

In March 2020 educators were invited to a Pilot Conference in which various opportunities to learn, to collaborate and also for professional development were offered by our management team.


Pallet Play

In September 2020 our team collaborated and challenged our design
and building skills in a creative building experience. During the day we worked
together to build three pieces of equipment for our yard - an archway, a bridge
and a teepee - all of which can still be seen in the yard today!

Pallat Play


Butterfly Garden

In February 2021, we had the opportunity to observe the life
cycle of a butterfly up close as we housed a caterpillar enclosure for a 2 week
period. Over this time we were able to view first hand the wonders of nature as
the caterpillars formed their cocoons, emerged as butterflies and then were set

Butterfly GardenButterfly Garden 2


Celebrating Holi

On the 29th of March 2021 we celebrated Holi, the Indian
festival of colours! We had a lot of fun broadening our knowledge of diverse
cultural celebrations while also getting messy

Holi PhotoHoli Photo 3


Cycle Republic Team Bonding

In March 2021 the team headed to a local fitness class to share in a fun and healthy bonding night. Educator wellbeing is of such great importance so as we can ensure our staff are there for children each and every day


Anzac Day

In April 2021 some of our preschoolers were involved in discussing the meaning of Anzac Day and assisting educators to make a natural wreath in remembrance. One of our educators was then able to lay the wreath at a local cenotaph as a sign of respect and remembrance on behalf of Little Beginnings Warners Bay

Anzac DayAnzac Day Photo 2


Lake Macquarie Dance Centre

In April 2021 children were invited to our local dance Centre for a short period of lessons. It was exciting for us to venture on an excursion through the Warnes Bay Place complex! From these lessons we now have several children who attend dance lessons during their days here at the centre.

Lake Macquarie Dance CentreLake Macquarie Dance Center


Lake Macquarie Dance Centre


Here at the Centre we celebrated Mothers Day with a special afternoon tea for all of the special women in our LBWB friends lives. Children were able to share a special yummy treat with their special loved ones whilst having a blast with activities such as nail polish stations, crown/mask decorating and other Mother’s Day themed craft.

Mothers DayMothers Day